Footprint Film

Slow Motion Video and Photo Booth

Foot Print Film is San Diego's slow motion video specialist.

How does it work?

We are offering the latest trend in party entertainment. The slow motion booth serves two purposes, entertainment at the event and a way to savor the event.

We have a Hollywood like set placed somewhere at your event. At each guests leisure they come onto the set and are creatively directed to have fun in front of the camera. We give ideas and also provide fun props to play with.

After being in front of the camera the guest then have the opportunity to watch their video instantly replayed on a big screen TV. This is where everyone gathers around and gets to laugh at the surreal world of slow motion they were just filmed in. It is amazing to see how much you don’t normally see in real time.

Can I keep my video and photos?

After the event a fun music video is professionally edited to replay all the fun that was had. This serves as a keepsake as well as a way to show the world just how much fun everyone had at the event.

We have multiple packages available featuring anything from on site print-outs to Slow motion video take a ways. We also will customize the props to the theme of your party. Please contact us for more information.

This concept is very new and is only possible with the proper equipment. Super Frog Saves Tokyo was one of the first to have this go viral if not the first to come of with this concept.

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