Abu Dhabi


The first night we got in it was pretty much pedal to the metal. Our gracious hosts Jane and Greg met us at the airport and quickly whisked us off to our hotel then dinner. Jane is Irish and Greg is a Brit. It’s always fun to have a bit of a culture mesh and in a country that was foreign to all of us (though Jane and Greg do live there). Jane is an absolutely wonderful person to be around. She is one of those easy to talk to people, very intelligent and in the know. Greg too was a riot, kind of a guys guy. The first night we got there he insisted we go go-karting (which we did later and was the highlight of the trip).

Greg and JaneSCN_0007

This was my first time working with the Animus crew. Honestly one of the best crews I have ever worked with. Each person brought a very unique piece to the project. It was very free flow when it came to creativity and we all knew our jobs. These guys are all very good at their jobs and I found myself often thinking how fortunate I was to be working with them.

from left to right Ross, Scott and Kris aka “Castronova”

Ross was the Editor, although he did some filming but busted his ass off doing same day edits and the opening video. He is extremely good at finding the narrative in a story and meshing together everything in a way that tells the story. I attended one of Ross’s educational workshops a couple years ago when he was working for “get in motion tour”. I learned a lot from his workshop and on this trip as well. He is probably one of the most hilarious people I know. A little OCD mixed with a pretty brilliant mind. A few times on our trip he had me laughing till my abs hurt.


Next up is Scott. Scott is kind of the Steve Jobs of the group, minus all of Steves short comings. He is very good at anticipating what a client wants and needs. When out filming he always picked up on not only what the client wants to see but also the audience and was very good at getting B-roll that gave Ross the tools to put his narrative together. Scott was very generous in sharing his knowledge and I learned a lot from him as well. He kicked all of our asses in go-karting.


Last but certainly not least is Kris. Kris was our graphics and compositing guy. He is incredibly talented as well. He is a wiz kid when it comes to After Effects and had a natural knack for design. I dubbed him “Castronova” because without fail everywhere we went he seemed to have some girl fall head over heals for him. It was pretty comical! We had some great conversations and he was very willing to show me the ropes of After Effects.

Kris aka “Castronova” (on the right)SCN_0006

Where did I fit in on all of this? Well I got to do some of the creative filming. I did a couple hyperlapses of the build up and then of course shot tons of slow motion. I was pretty much hired just to do slow motion. The guys were pretty cool about letting me do my thing. Scott really believed in me and I felt like I fit in pretty well with these guys. Im really looking forward to doing another project with them. This was our chance to see how we worked together. We have a few things to fine tune for the next trip as far as workflow goes. Im hoping by the next trip I’ll have the Odyssey 7Q which will give me 4k capabilities, s-log and continuous 240fps at 2k raw.

me shooting on a Rolleiflex in front of the tallest building in the world1600996_10153753624260307_690178510_n

We ended up filming an agricultural development event. Our roll was to capture the individual speakers and panels as well as highlight the overall essence of the event. There were some amazing technologies being shown. Here is the same day edit we produced and the website to the event http://www.innovationsinagriculture.com/

GFIA 2014 Closing Ceremony Same Day Edit from Ross Hockrow on Vimeo.

doing a timelapse of the Burj Al Arab in DubaiIMG_20140205_144331

playing some poolSCN_0012

Sheikh Zayed Mosque20140131_075752_Richtone(HDR)

the view from our hotel room20140131_011949

intense discussionSCN_0011

The Mosque again20140131_083003

Overall this was an incredible journey. I look forward to working with these guys again.

If you are interested in Animus Studios please visit their site http://animusstudios.com/

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