8,441 mi

Im off to Abu Dhabi and here is the story. My best friend from high school George attended school at URI, my other best friend Rob used to go visit George and hang out with Georges frat brothers. Well one of those frat brothers Scott, was studying film and Rob said if he ever got married Scott would have to film his wedding. Sure enough that happened and I happened to be a groomsmen at Robs wedding. Well being a filmmaker myself I got pretty excited and had a chat with Scott. We stayed in touch and he has kept an eye on me ever since.

A couple years later, Scott called me and presented me with this opportunity to come along and film with him in Abu Dhabi, specifically to shoot slow motion. We are covering an event there http://www.innovationsinagriculture.com/ which from my understanding is a gathering of the worlds minds on agricultural innovations. I am really looking forward to this opportunity.

Moral of the story, always consider every introduction as a business connection.


I brought a Hasselblad camera with a few lenses, a rolleiflex and a ton of film including some of my infamous color infrared. I also brought a Polaroid camera that Anton Orlov kindly gave me for my birthday.

I am really looking forward to this journey.

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